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You can train with confidence knowing that each of our programs is backed by nearly 25 years of training development experience as well as our subject matter expertise.
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Customer Testimonial

"We chose J. J. Keller over other vendors because their training is thorough, yet clear and concise. We've now been using their online and DVD programs for over 10 years to train our 900 employees. I like how the online courses offer a system of checks and balances — employees have to find the answers on their own. Overall, J. J. Keller's training has helped our drivers understand that violations and citations are more than just a piece of paper. It's helped educate them about the importance of their safety scores, distracted driving awareness, and accident prevention."
- Lori Wilcox, Safety Director, Trans-System, Inc., Spokane, WA

Video On Demand

Choose between two great streaming video options. What works best for you?

Online Training

Online training from
J. J. Keller brings our experience in training curriculum development to online, self-paced learning.

Oil & Gas Training

J. J. Keller now offers you a complete library of Oil & Gas Land and Offshore safety online training modules. Contact us for Rig Pass, SafeGulf, and SafeLand training curriculum as well.


TOD - School Edition

Subscribers of the online Training on Demand - School Edition receive a full complement of training resources designed to follow all 33 chapters of J. J. Keller's Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual.

Training Programs – Enhanced with EyeCue™

Do you need DVD-based training, printed handbooks, certificates, and posters? Go to JJKeller.com for help with your classroom training needs.

EyeCue™ is a system of visual cues tied to key learning objectives in our training products. Now, you can give students the tools they need to take what they learned out into your workplace.

Instructor-Led Training

Our experts are available to assist you with on-site training, curriculum development, or other specific training needs.


OSHA 10 and 30 Hour online training now available from J. J. Keller. Click here to learn more

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