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J. J. Keller's Online training provides self-paced training anywhere there is an Internet connection. Great for initial or refresher training, the courses include activities such as games, multiple choice and matching problems to engage students and demand their participation.

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Curriculum Groups

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  Course Curriculum Group Name
CMV Entry Level Driver Training View Courses     


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  Course Title   Per Seat
Cost Help
A Supervisor's Guide To Reasonable Suspicion Testing  30 Points
Alcohol & Drug Testing: Driver Awareness Training  30 Points
Backing: Tractor-Trailers  25 Points
Cargo Securement Dry Vans  25 Points
Cargo Securement Flatbeds  25 Points
CDL Knowledge Test Review   25 Points
CMV Driver Basics Training Program  25 Points
CSA: Know the BASICs  30 Points
Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles  25 Points
Distracted! Driving  25 Points
Driver Vehicle Inspections: The Complete Process  30 Points
Driving Safety  25 Points
Driving Safety - Spanish  25 Points
EYE ON Defensive Driving  25 Points
EYE ON Speed & Space Management  25 Points
Hours of Service - Canada  30 Points
Hours of Service for the Oil and Gas Industry  30 Points
Hours of Service: Driver Training  30 Points
Hours of Service: Training for July 2013  20 Points
Injury Prevention for Drivers  25 Points
Master Driver: Accident Procedures  25 Points
Master Driver: Air Brakes  25 Points
Master Driver: City Driving  25 Points
Master Driver: Coupling and Uncoupling  25 Points
Master Driver: Driving Techniques  25 Points
Master Driver: Emergency Maneuvers  25 Points
Master Driver: Extreme Weather Driving  25 Points
Master Driver: Fixed Object Collisions  25 Points
Master Driver: Night Driving  25 Points
Master Driver: Pattern Driving  25 Points
Master Driver: Rear End Collisions  25 Points
Master Driver: Rural Driving  25 Points
Motorcoach: Defensive Driving  25 Points
Motorcoach: Vehicle Inspections  25 Points
Pulling Doubles  25 Points
Right Turns / Left Turns / Intersections  25 Points
Roadside Inspections: A Driver's Guide  30 Points