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Tractor-Trailer Driver Training - School Edition

  • Complete Curriculum: Tractor-Trailer Driver Training – The School Edition of Training On Demand from J. J. Keller provides access to our complete driver training curriculum.
    • Designed to follow each chapter of J. J. Keller's Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual
    • Based upon the FHWA Model Curriculum
    • Follows the Professional Truck Driver Institute’s (PTDI) curriculum standards

  • Training Materials for Classroom and Distance Learning:
    • Instructor Manual
    • Student Manual
    • Customizable PowerPoints®
    • Customizable Quizzes
    • Images & Clip Art
    • J. J. Keller's Award-Winning Videos

  • Online Training:
    • Relevant Online Training courses are available for nearly every chapter of the Manual
    • Access to Online Training is not included in the base price of the School Edition
    • Purchase online training as needed using Training Points, or get unlimited access by purchasing a subscription

  • Compatible with Your LMS, even Blackboard: Download our Training Materials to use on your LMS. Deploy quizzes, manuals, images and links to J. J. Keller's videos using your LMS!

  • Special Licensing for Schools: License our Tractor-Trailer Driver Training – School Edition and take advantage of the ability to electronically (and legally!) distribute J. J. Keller's award-winning content to your students. Special pricing is available for schools and is based on the number of students to be trained each year. Access to Online Training courses must be purchased separately.

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Call 1-800-327-6868 ext. 8523 or Email sales@jjkeller.com.

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