EYE ON Speed & Space Management - Driver Booklet

Speed & Space Management - EYE ON

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Video Overview

Speed & Space Management - EYE ON

Running Time: 36:47

  • Drivers prepare for dealing with real hazards on the road, which helps reduce the risk of emergencies and crashes
  • Interactive program instructs drivers using hazard perception challenge methodology
  • Shows drivers a variety of scenarios about speed & space management
  • Each scenario pauses to ask drivers "what did you see" and "what would you do next" questions
  • Drivers answer questions on Video Scenario Review Blanks
  • Unique format helps drivers enhance their skill levels and apply the material they are learning
  • This award-winning program reviews the basic elements of speed and space management:
    • Managing space ahead; stopping distance
    • Speed and vehicle handling
    • Managing space around, above, and below the vehicle
    • Maintaining a space cushion
    • Driving through road construction work zones

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