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Bullying in the Workplace

IMPORTANT! This course has been marked as obsolete, and is no longer available for student enrollments. Any current enrollments can still complete the course.

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Bullying in the Workplace

Course Length: 30 minutes

This 30-minute training course describes what workplace bullying is and details its various forms. Our online workplace bullying training course addresses abusive bosses, clients and vendors, as well as bullying between co-workers. It explains both how to avoid bullying behavior and how best to respond to it.

Topics covered by this course include:

  • What is workplace bullying?
  • The toll that workplace bullying takes on everyone
  • Anti-bullying law and policy
  • Forms of bullying, including hostility, abuse, abuse of power, deceit and sabotage
  • Psychological causes of workplace bullying
  • Bullying as a violation of company policy
  • Enforcement

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