How can I purchase more points? Can I subscribe to Online Training?

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To purchase additional points on the Training on Demand site, simply click the "Purchase Training" found in the gray bar across the Dashboard link. Choose option 1 or Option 2. Option #1 is where you can set up a training plan to see how many points you will need for your training. Option 2 is available to purchase training points without creating a training plan. Choose the option that is best for you, add the number of points you wish to purchase and following the order steps. Your points can be billed to your company or you can choose to pay by credit card.

You can also subscribe to Online Training by contacting us for more information and for pricing: or call 1-800-843-3174 x8226

Access to this function has been disabled by your Training Coordinator. If you have questions, please contact:

Click here to view the permissions that your Training Coordinator has set for your account.