Frequently Asked Questions

Content Use FAQs:

Can I download ToD Content for my other safety staff to use?

Can I put ToD online course content on my LMS?

Can I put ToD video content on my LMS?

How much needs to be changed in order for my work to be a "Created Work?"

Can I use a Created Work to make an on-line course for my company?

Can I use my Created Work even if I drop my ToD subscription?

Can I use a clip from a ToD video?

General FAQs:

Can I remove a student and their records?

Computer Requirements for Online Training

How and where do my students take a course?

How do I customize the student portal?

How do I delete a location?

How do I group students together?

How do I make someone an assistant coordinator?

How do I print off a completion certificate?

How many times can a student take a course?

How do I remove someone as an assistant coordinator?

How do I set up a pass/fail grade for the students?

How do I update my information in the Training Portal?

I am unable to log in to the Training on Demand site, the username and password do not work.

I bought points (or an Interactive Training subscription), how do I enroll a student to take a class from the Training on Demand site?

I enrolled a student, but it was for the wrong class, how do I un-enroll them or get my points back?

My classes default to 90 days, what if I need it longer?

My password for the student training portal does not work.

My student used up all their attempts for the final exam but did not achieve the passing score, however, I am unable to re-enroll them.

Once the class is expired, how do I get my points back?

Students name is not showing in drop down to print off certificate.

The slide won't go "next".

Uploading students - where & how?

Video on Demand Computer Requirements

Where do I see the students questions sent to me?

I need technical support to login to my computer remotely to help with an issue.

Point(s) FAQs:

How can I purchase more points?

I purchased points from, but cannot figure out how to enroll students.

Technical Online Training Questions:

Computer Requirements for Online Training

Course shows nothing but a white screen and "make a selection" in red text with two exit course buttons but nothing else.

I am not receiving any emails from nor

I do not believe I requested the change of passwords, someone else may have changed it.

My course freezes up and won't go any farther.

When taking a course, I do not see all the questions, they are off the screen.

Video on Demand FAQs:

How do I get a completion certificate for viewing the video?

How do I set up the remote access?

How long does the remote access for the video last?

The sample video ran, however, when I view the full length video it is all choppy, why?

Video on Demand Computer Requirements

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