How do I get a completion certificate for viewing the video?

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In the Training on Demand site you do have the ability to keep a record of the video and print off a class training log and/or generic completion certificates.

Once you are in the Training on Demand site you will need to add the video title to the Classroom Records section found under the Recordkeeping link.

  • Click on the Recordkeeping link >

  • choose the Classroom Records >

  • Add a Class Record >

  • Type in the Video name >

  • continue >

  • fill out the required information > choose either link located at the bottom >

  • Save and Add Students to this Class

  • Save and View Classroom Training Record

Continue >

  • Click on the “Print Class Training Log” link listed above your students >

  • Print.

  • You can then have the students who view the video sign the log.

If you choose you can also print a generic completion certificate for this video too.

Access to this function has been disabled by your Training Coordinator. If you have questions, please contact:

Click here to view the permissions that your Training Coordinator has set for your account.