Course Samples

These courses are abbreviated examples of J. J. Keller® online training. Complete courses typically range from 45-90 minutes in length and contain 4-7 lessons plus a Final Exam.


Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Construction Activities 

Cranes and Derricks for Construction 

Crystalline Silica for Construction 

Electrocution for Construction: Focus Four Hazards 

Excavations for Construction 

Forklift Operator Safety Training for Construction 

Slips & Trips for Construction 

Driver / DOT

Accident Procedures: Driver Training Series 

Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need to Know 

Backing: Tractor-Trailer 

Cargo Securement: DRY VANS 

Cargo Securement: FLATBEDS 

CMV Driver Basics 

CSA: Know the BASICs 

Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles 

Distracted Driving 

Driver Vehicle Inspections: The Complete Process 

Driver Qualification Training for Managers 

Driving Techniques: Driver Training Series 

Extreme Weather Driving: Driver Training Series 

Emergency Maneuvers: Driver Training Series 

EYE ON Defensive Driving 

EYE ON Speed & Space Management 

Fixed Object Collisions: Driver Training Series 

Hours of Service: Driver Training 

Injury Prevention for Drivers 

Night Driving: Driver Training Series 

Personal Safety & Security for CMV Drivers 

Pulling Doubles 

Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need to Know 

Right Turns / Left Turns / Intersections 

Roadside Inspections: A Driver's Guide 

Sanitary Food Transportation 

Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailer 

Hazardous Materials

Hazmat: General Awareness 

Hazmat: Highway Transportation Driver Training 

Hazmat: Security Awareness & Safety 


HazCom: GHS Container Labels 

HazCom: GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 

HazCom: Introduction to Hazard Communication & GHS 

HazCom: What You Need to Know 

HR & Legal Compliance

Active Shooter/Active Threat 

Active Shooter/Active Threat - Spanish 

Active Shooter/Active Threat: Organizational Preparedness & Response 

ADA for Supervisors 

Diversity and Discrimination for Employees 

Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors 

Effective Communication for Employees 

Effective Communication for Supervisors 

FMLA for Supervisors 

Sexual Harassment for Employees 

Sexual Harassment for Supervisors 

Substance Abuse Training for Employees 

Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors 

Team Building for Employees 

Team Building for Supervisors 

Workplace Bullying and Violence: Training for Supervisors 

Workplace Safety

Back Safety: Keep Your Back in Action 

Bloodborne Pathogens: Safety in the Workplace 

Cold Stress 

Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Maintenance Activities 

Electrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees 

Electrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees - Spanish 

Emergency Preparedness & Response 

Ergonomics: Industrial 

Ergonomics: Office 

Fall Protection for General Industry 

Fire Extinguisher Use 

Fire Prevention & Response 

First Aid Basics 

Forklift Operator Safety Training 

Forklift Workshop 

Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Advanced) 

Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Basic) 

Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Intermediate) 

Hand & Foot Protection: PPE Employee Essentials 

Hazard Perception Challenge: Slips, Trips, & Falls 

Head, Eye, & Face Protection: PPE Employee Essentials 

Hearing Protection: PPE Employee Essentials 

Heat Stress 

Hot Work: Safety Operations Training 

Hot Work: Safety Operations Training - Spanish 

Housekeeping & Maintenance 

Hydrogen Sulfide for General Industry 

Incident Investigations for Accidents & Near Misses 

Ladder Safety for General Industry 

Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy 

Machine Guarding 

Material Handling Safety 

Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation 

Office Safety 

Personal Protective Equipment: Employee Essentials 

Respiratory Protection: Breathing Safely 

Scaffolding Safety for General Industry 

Slips & Trips: Workplace Safety 

Stairways & Ladders: Workplace Safety 

Walking-Working Surfaces: What Employees Need to Know 

Walking-Working Surfaces: What Supervisors Need to Know 

Welding: Safety & Health Protections 

Winter Safety: Working & Driving in Snow, Ice, & Extreme Cold 

Workplace Safety Basics: In Case of an Emergency 

Workplace Safety Basics: In Case of an Emergency - Spanish 

Workplace Safety Basics: Safe Use of Equipment 

Workplace Safety Basics: Safe Use of Equipment - Spanish 

Workplace Safety Basics: Work Environment 

Workplace Safety Basics: Work Environment - Spanish 

Workplace Safety Basics: Work Practices 

Workplace Safety Basics: Work Practices - Spanish 

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