Course Samples

These courses are abbreviated examples of J. J. Keller's online training. Complete courses typically range from 45-90 minutes in length and contain 4-7 lessons plus a Final Exam.


Cranes and Derricks for Construction 

Excavations for Construction 

Focus Four Hazards: Electrocution for Construction 

Forklift Workshop for Construction 

Driver / DOT

Backing: Tractor-Trailer 

Cargo Securement Flatbeds 

CMV Driver Basics 

CSA: Know the BASICs 

Defensive Driving: Light Vehicles - For all drivers.

Distracted! Driving 2011 

EYE ON Defensive Driving - For CMV drivers.

Hours of Service: Driver Training 

Master Driver: Night Driving - For CMV drivers.


HazCom: What You Need to Know 

HR & Legal Compliance

ADA for Supervisors 

Diversity and Discrimination for Employees 

Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors 

Effective Communication for Employees 

Effective Communication for Supervisors 

FMLA for Supervisors 

Sexual Harassment for Employees 

Sexual Harassment for Supervisors 

Substance Abuse Training for Employees 

Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors 

Team Building for Employees 

Team Building for Supervisors 

Workplace Bullying and Violence: Training for Supervisors 

Workplace Safety

Back Safety: Keep Your Back in Action 

Fire Safety: Extinguishing Risk 

Forklift Workshop 

Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge: Forklifts - Basic 

Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge: Forklifts - Intermediate 

Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge: Forklifts - Advanced