Oil & Gas Online Training Libraries

J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc. has entered into a partnership with Moxie Media, an innovative provider of training solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Moxie Media is ideally located in New Orleans, LA, right in the heart of the oil and gas industry.

With this partnership we are excited to offer two online training libraries consisting of nearly 50 online training programs with content built specifically for the oil and gas and chemical industries.

We are also able to provide full curriculums of training for Rig Pass, SafeGulf, and SafeLand. Please contact us for more information.

A full listing of both Oil & Gas: Land and Oil & Gas: Offshore libraries can be found below.

Oil & Gas Online Training Libraries are purchased separately via subscription to each complete library.

Also purchased separately, the J. J. Keller® Core Online Training Subscription library includes Construction, Driver/DOT, HazCom, Hazmat, HAZWOPER, HR & Legal Compliance, Lab Safety, and Workplace Safety.

For more information and pricing inquiries, please contact your Oil & Gas training specialist at J. J. Keller at: 1-800-327-6868 or trainingonlinesales@jjkeller.com

Oil & Gas: Land Library

Drilling Crews and Oilfield Support Personnel Duties & Responsibilities

Driving Safety for Oilfield Employees

Dropped Object Prevention for the Oilfield Industry

Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Oilfield Employees & Supervisors

Emergency and Incident Response

Environmental Protection and Risk Management for the Oilfield

Equipment Safety and Procedures

Fluid Truck Accident and Rollover Prevention for the Oilfield Industries

Food Handling: Safe Food Handling in the Kitchen and Galley

Food Handling: Safe Kitchen and Galley Work Practices

Hand Safety & Injury Prevention for the Oilfield Industry

Hazard Recognition and Occupational Health

Hours of Service for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hydrogen Sulfide for Oil and Gas Industry

Incident Investigation for Oilfield Supervisors

Incident Reporting for Oilfield Employees

Introduction to Oilfield Drilling Operations and Equipment

Introduction to Oilfield Worksites

MRSA, Staph & Infection Prevention for the Oil & Gas Industries

NORM Awareness & Safety for the Oilfield Industries

Safe Forklift Operations and Practices for the Oilfield Industry

Safe Oilfield Workplace Practices

Soft Tissue Injury Prevention and Wellness for Oilfield Employees

Specialized Oilfield Work Procedures and Practices

Trenching and Excavating, Pits and Ponds

Workplace Attitudes and Behaviors for Oil Field Employees

Oil & Gas: Offshore Library

API RP T1: Orientation for First Time Offshore Personnel

Basic First Aid for the Maritime Industry

Benzene Awareness for the Maritime Industry

Confined Spaces: Marine Confined Space

Crew Endurance Management

Declaration of Security DOS

Drug and Alcohol Awareness for the Maritime Employee

Drug and Alcohol Awareness for the Maritime Supervisor

Emergency Helicopter Abandonment

Emergency Marine Distress Signals

Emergency Platform, Rig and Vessel Abandonment

HAZCOM for Workboat Industries

Introduction to Offshore Worksites

Ladder Safety for the Maritime Industry

Life Raft Operation and Survival Practices

Lifeboat Operation and Survival Practices

Man Overboard!

Marine Debris Awareness and Prevention

Offshore Personnel Transfer: Traditional Baskets

Safe Offshore Personnel Transfer: The X-904

Safe Rigging Practices and Procedures for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Search, Screening & Sweeping Techniques for Facilities

Search, Screening & Sweeping Techniques for Vessels

Security Awareness for the Offshore Oil Industry

Security Training for Maritime Facility Personnel with Security Duties

SEMS II Awareness Training for Offshore Oilfield Employees

TWIC MTSA Training

Water Entry & Survival Techniques

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