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Training on Demand highlights include:

  • Customizable Roles & Permissions: Take advantage of multiple levels of hierarchy using our Training Administration Groups feature. Join a group with other Training Coordinators in your company to make "roll-up" reporting easy to do. Or, assign Assistant Training Coordinator rights to one of your Students if you need help administering your online training.
  • Customizable Training Course Curriculums: Enrolling students into several courses at once just got easier. Need all your new students to take the same orientation training? Our customizable Curriculum Groups makes it easy for you to group courses together ahead of time so you don't have keep finding the same courses over and over.
  • Customizable Student Groups: Many of your students will require similar training curriculums. So why not group them according to location or job function? Our customizable Student Groups helps you identify those students (i.e. Forklift Operators) and then easily enroll them without having to find each student.
  • Training Points Purchasing: Our Training Points system makes it easy for you buy as much, or little, access to the training as you need. Use our unique Training Plan builder to determine how many enrollments you'll need and in which courses. Save your Plans to reference for budgeting purposes, or to easily re-purchase a training package. The more points you buy, the more money you'll save on each student's training. Taking a course typically cost 25 points, and the first 250 points are only $1 each. Sign in to the Training on Demand to get a look at the full pricing schedule and try out the Training Plan tool. (Note: Unused Training Points expire one year after purchase.)
  • Reports: We've made reports easy to run, and easy to read, on your training activity and detailed student activity.
  • Custom Solutions: Any of our training programs can be licensed in part or as a whole for your specific use. Or, we can add your company-specific information and imagery to one of our existing training programs. We can even create a new program just for you – featuring your employees, location, and equipment – from scratch! Click here for more information.

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