Learn More about Instructor-Led Training

With an increase in regulatory pressures, more companies have turned to our instructor-led training courses and workshops because it takes much of the regulatory burden off you. This allows your resources to continue doing what is most important to you - grow your business.

Our experts bring a unique blend of experience and knowledge. They help companies enhance their compliance by using hands-on practicality gained from working with clients of all sizes, in all industries, and all over the country.

We offer tailored training programs with the flexibility to come on-site at your location or web-based formats to facilitate training. We focus on issues that are important to your company; we'll help you meet the challenges of compliance with DOT, OSHA, and EPA, as well as construction hazards, risk reduction, hazardous materials handling, and more!

Why J. J. Keller? We are experts with over 60 years in the business of helping companies with compliance. We are prepared with more than 70 regulatory specialists and 11,000 products and services to help identify the right mix of solutions to tackle any situation for any company including yours!

Find out how to get started, call us at: 1-888-473-4638 or visit jjkellerservices.com

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