J. J. Keller® Training Program Management Service

J. J. Keller® Training Program Management Service

  • Can you easily identify employees who need training, have received training or are overdue for training across your organization?
  • In the event of an audit or litigation, can you easily prove that required training has occurred?
  • Do you spend a lot of time piecing together records from multiple training systems and tools so you can accurately report on your training program?

With the J. J. Keller® Training Program Management service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your necessary training has occurred. An assigned client service specialist will work with you to help manage your entire program. You’ll receive alerts for training so you always know what’s coming up, or past due. All your training records get consolidated into our systems so you can easily get the full picture of your training program. This includes records of any type, from any system – multiple LMS systems, paper records, classroom records and more.

You’ll have a robust online portal where you can access your training records 24/7, with trending analysis by location, employee, course or learner.

If you are audited by a supplier or government agency like OSHA, we will help prepare your records.

Call us at 888-473-4638 to get more details, or visit jjkeller.com/ManageTraining.

Our staff Consultants can also assist you with on-site training, curriculum development, or other specific training needs. Learn more

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