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What's included in the Video Subscription Service?

  • Access to our entire video library of over 100 full-length, video-based training programs. Choose from a one- or two-year sub, or buy multiple subscriptions and save!
  • Access to all supplemental material including Instructor Guides, PowerPoints, Image libraries, Classroom Handouts and Quizzes.
  • Each program contains the main video and bonus segments (when available).
  • Remote Viewing capability: Enables you to provide video access to your off-site learners.
  • Up to date library: As a subscriber, you will have immediate access to updated and new programs for the life of your subscription.
  • Free access to our Training Recordkeeping tools.
    • Create and manage your own custom training sessions.
    • Add/edit student information.
    • Schedule & record a training session and report on training activity.
    • The Recordkeeping tool can also combine your Online Training records (if you are using our Online Training) and your classroom-based training activity.
    • Again, access to this tool is free to any registered J. J. Keller® Training On Demand user. Register now!

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