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Forklift Operator Safety Training - Refresher Training

IMPORTANT! This course has been marked as obsolete, and is no longer available for student enrollments. Any current enrollments can still complete the course.

Per Seat Cost: 30 Points

Material Code: 22040

Forklift Operator Safety Training - Refresher Training

Course Length: 60 - 90 minutes

High-impact training covers the essentials of forklift safety and helps you meet OSHA requirements.

This all-in-one training program makes it easy to train your forklift operators ... and meet OSHA's "formal instruction" training requirements. It covers safety topics that are critical to avoiding accidents and injuries, including general safety, pre-operation, operation, load handling, fuel/battery maintenance, and specialized units. It will also help you satisfy OSHA's requirements for providing refresher or remedial training based on unsafe operation, an accident, incident, near miss, or deficiency found during periodic evaluations.

J. J. Keller’s Forklift Operator Safety Training - Refresher Training covers the following topics:

  • General safety
  • Pre-operation
  • Operation
  • Load handling
  • Fuel/battery maintenance
  • Specialized units
  • And more

Intended Audience
Anyone charged with operating a powered industrial truck -- tow motor, fork lift, etc.

Regulations covered
29 CFR Section 1910.178

After completing this course, employees will be able to:

  • Perform a pre-operation forklift inspection
  • Drive a forklift
  • Lift and place a load
  • Work inside a truck, trailer, or rail car
  • Park and leave a forklift
  • Refuel a forklift.
  • Explain the following concepts:
    • How the forklift differs from other vehicles
    • The basics of the stability triangle
    • The special features of motorized hand trucks and high lift units
    • The guidelines for conducting regular maintenance on the forklift
    • The guidelines for recording forklift modifications

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