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EYE ON Speed & Space Management

Per Seat Cost: 25 Points

Material Code: 22635

EYE ON: Speed & Space Management

Course Length: 45 minutes

Train and test new and veteran drivers on this critical safe-driving topic.

J. J. Keller's EYE ON: Speed & Space Management training program helps drivers prepare for dealing with real hazards on the road, which helps reduce the risk of emergencies and crashes. It's perfect for new drivers and for veteran drivers, for whom more interactive training is needed to keep skills sharp.

This interactive training course instructs drivers using hazard perception challenge methodology. A variety of scenarios about speed and space management are shown to drivers. Each pauses to ask drivers "what did you see" and what would you do next" questions.

The hazard perception challenge format helps drivers enhance their skill levels and apply the material they are learning. This approach is especially effective in a self-paced, interactive training environment.

J. J. Keller’s EYE ON: Speed & Space Management reviews the basic elements of speed and space management:

  • Managing space ahead; stopping distance
  • Speed and vehicle handling
  • Managing space around, above, and below the vehicle
  • Maintaining a space cushion
  • Driving through road construction work zones

Intended Audience
All drivers of commercial motor vehicles.

After completing this course, employees will be able to:

  • Stopping distance
  • Following distance
  • Speed and vehicle handling
  • Maintaining a safety cushion
  • Managing space in front of, behind, to the sides of, and above and below the vehicle

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